Display Advertising Rates

Effective December 1, 2015


Rates are applicable to local retailers, and are commissionable to agency advertisers. Advertisers without approved credit must pay in cash prior to insertion until credit is established. 1-1/2% interest per month on accounts that are 60 days old.


Open & National Rate: $12.06 per column inch

Regular (regular advertising - see Repeat or Frequency insertions below) Rate: $8.99 per column inch

Repeat Insertions or "Frequency" Insertions: 4 insertions or more: $10.53 per column inch (4" minimum ad). 13 insertions within 6 months receives the non-profit rate of $8.99 per column inch (4" minimum ad). Changes to the ad, as well as placement of the ad, are accepted.

Position Premium: Display ad on any page requested and guaranteed, $12.94 per column inch

Opposite Classified & Auctions: $12.99 per column inch. No discounts apply. Special positions in this section cannot be guaranteed.

Non-Profit Rate: Subject to interpretation by The Herald of Randolph and available to qualifying organizations upon request. $8.99 per column inch with discounts for volume, frequency, or both.

Color Rates: $75 per additional color. Four-color process color is $100. Early notification necessary for color.

Business Directory Rate: $4.85 per column inch. Changes can only be made on a month to month basis. The first Tuesday of the month by noon.

Supplement Rates: $8.99 per column inch. Ask about possible special color and/or doubling size.

Volume Rates

              regular            open

1/4 Page    $8.83 (278.15)    $11.74 (369.81)

1/2 Page    $7.08 (446.04)    $10.71 (674.73)

3/4 Page    $7.04 (644.16)    $10.21 (934.22)

Full Page    $7.01 (862.23)    $9.71 (1,194.33)

Mechanical Requirements

Send text files or PDFs. Screen to a 85-lpi.

+Broadsheet Page: 6 columns to a page, each column 2-1/16" wide with 1/8" between columns. Column depth, 20-1/2", 123 column inches per page. Makeup and printed page by inches, 13" by 20-1/2"; double truck, 26-1/2" by 20-1/2". Tab page: 5 columns by 12-3/4", 63-3/4 column inches to the page.

Preprinted Inserts

Preprinted insert rates are as follows:

Minimum (2 full broadsheet pages or 4 tab pages) $375.00

Four full pages or 8 tab pages $475.00

Six full pages or 12 tab pages $575.00

Full size and tabloid sections accepted. Other sizes subject to publisher's approval.

Special Sections, Pages &

Supplement Calendar

January:  Farm Show Supplement

              Super Bowl Page (s)

February:  Valentine's Day Page (s)

                Bridal Page (s)

               Bethel Home Show Supplement

March:  Pet Page (s)

April:  Spring Sports Intro

            Spring Into Spring Supplement

May:   Mother's Day Page (s)

            Summer Fun Supplement

June:  Face to Face Supplement

           Grads & Dads Page (s)

July:  Summer Dining Section

              Vacation Edition

August:  Energy Efficiency Supplement

September:  Fall Sports Intro

                Tunbridge Fair Supplement

                 Locally Brewed Page (s)

October:  Locally Harvested Page (s)

              Winter Ready Supplement

November:  Hunting Section

December:  Holiday Gift Page (s)

                  Holiday Corner Page (s)

              Winter Sports Intro

             Christmas Card Section

             New Year's Celebration Page (s)

Bulk Contract Rates

Are available for accounts which advertise 500 column inches a year or more.

500-1000 column inches: $8.62

1001-2000 column inches: $8.02

2001-3000 column inches: $7.65

3001-4000 column inches: $7.30

4001-5000 column inches: $6.72

5001-6000 column inches: $6.62

6001-7000 column inches: $6.25

Special Services

Clip Art & layout services available at no charge. Sales staff and artists will assist with layouts and production. Electronic transmission in several formats is accepted. We work with InDesign. Proofs of ads shown on request. Deadlines are advanced one day when proofs are requested. Tearsheets (both DIGITAL or HARD COPY) will be provided upon request if ordered before publication.


Full or Half Page, or Process Color Thursday before Publication

Supplement Advertising 2 Weeks before Publication

Preprinted Inserts 1 Week before Publication

All Others: A Section: Tuesday 4:00 before Publication; B Section: Tuesday Noon before Publication

If the Thursday of publication falls on a holiday, advance all deadlines by one day. Changes in original copy may be made after the deadline only at the discretion of The Herald. A charge will be made for composition costs. Cancellation deadlines are the same as deadline dates noted.



The Herald of Randolph

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   Tim Calabro - Editor & Publisher

Nathan Wright - Advertising Manager

Rachel Irish - Advertising Representative

Maureen Storm - Advertising Representative

Brandi Comette - Advertising Representative / Sports Editor


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